Recent Work

Coffee Pourover SetThe Pandemic has brought the focus back to more functional and intimate pieces, that connect directly to people, as they handle it and hold it every day, while eating and drinking from them, and interacting with it constantly. There was a need for the human touch, as the world is forced to maintain physical distances and prevent our very breath from contaminating another’s, and making functional everyday items of pottery seemed like the only way to reach out, and stay human.

Once the strict lockdown was lifted in India in mid-May, and access to the studio was possible once more, work was possible once more, but less of the Open Studio or exhibition type of work and more small, frequent, gas firings of functional, glazed, stoneware pottery. These pieces were sold in small thematic one to one sales, every 6 to 8 weeks, to a small group of local buyers, who could come and directly pick up the work from the studio driveway.