Nalamdana, meaning “Are you well?” in Tamil, is a non-profit organization based in Chennai, South India

They use innovative communication methods to provide knowledge about health to semi literate and illiterate audiences.

Response-driven participatory street theatre, interactive games and puzzles, audio and video cassettes, tele films, small group workshops, and television serials are some of the creative and innovative ways in which they reach out to people in a way that has been shown to have maximum message retention and seems to actually facilitate behaviour change.

Kaveri has  been associated with Nalamdana since its inception in 1993 as a resource person for art craft, and creative inputs. From 2009 through 2011 she joined the organisation as an employee, working with the adolescent girls and children’s health and empowerment programs.

The Nalamdana Youth Education and Leadership Program is very dear to Kaveri,  where many of the recipients of this scholarship, come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

These childrendevelop with the aid of this program into committed, responsible and independent citizens with leadership qualities and a generosity that has inspired many of them to give back in various ways to Nalamdana after they have made a success of their own lives. For more details, log on to


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