In 1990, when still in school, I went with another friend to the Loyola Theatre Society to audition for their annual production. Although I didn’t get a part on stage, I worked as a stage hand and then went on to do several productions, (both on and off stage), with BoardWalkers, The Little Theatre, The British Council, Asvametha, Magic Lantern, Theatre Arlequin, Abhinaya, and also many performances that weren’t produced by any particular theatre troupe.

I have acted, directed, and stage managed for several productions, often doing both and on and off stage duties for some productions.

Ranging from serious plays like Tendulkar’s Kanyadaan, to musicals and Christmas Pantomimes, I have been involved with a whole gamut of theatrical productions in English and Tamil and even one in French.

Some were travelling shows that went from school to school or village to village, and some were ticketed supper theatre performances or regular urban theatre performances in an auditorium, on a stage.