In 1994, even before she left to go to Studio Alpha, Kaveri started putting together a country kiln, work space, and clay mixing/making area in her parent’s back yard, with the help of Hans Kaushik . After 2 years in Pondicherry, learning from Ray Meeker, she returned to Chennai in 1998 and had a better idea of how to set up a studio, and what she needed and/or wanted to make in it. She had barely started working, when she once again went to Pondicherry in 1999 to work for Ray Meeker for a year.

In 2000, once Kaveri returned to Chennai, she decided to start building a small 8 cu.ft. gas kiln at her studio. However that was put on hold  as she was having a baby, and soon after, in 2002, her parents were re-building their house, where her studio was located. So Studio Mannangatti,  moved temporarily to a rented garage space in Thiruvanmiyur,  and then moved back to a roof top space in the rebuilt version of her parents’ house, in 2003.

Since then it has been at this roof top space. She now has a kick wheel, and a small 8 cu. ft., 4 burner, gas fired kiln. She initially taught students at this space, but due to space constraints, she no longer teaches from here. All teaching and workshop activity has moved to Pothole at The Farm.