In 1994, even before I left to go to Studio Alpha, with the help of Hans Kaushik, I started putting together a country kiln, work space, and clay mixing/making area in my parent’s back yard . After 2 years in Pondicherry, learning from Ray Meeker, I returned to Chennai in 1998 and had a better idea of where and how to put in a kick wheel. I barely started working, when I once again went to Pondicherry in 1999 to work for Ray Meeker for a year.

In 2000, I decided to start building a gas kiln at my studio. However that was put on hold for a while as I was having a baby, and in 2002, my parents decided to demolish and re-build their house. So the studio, which by now had been named Studio Mannangatti, had to be moved to a rented garage space in Thiruvanmiyur, for a year. When my parent’s new house was built, a roof top space was made for my studio to move back into.

Since 2004 it has been in this roof top space. I have 2 kick wheels, a small portable gas fired kiln and slightly larger, 8 cu. ft., 4 burner, gas fired kiln, that has yet to get the burners, piping and gas supply put in place. I have taught a few students in this space, and had limited workshops for not more than 4 participants, here.

It is a small studio with very limited space, but it is mine!